Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thing 11

I use the HCL Mobile app frequently to easily double-check my account.  It's a convenient way to know what I have checked out, on reserve, when items are due, etc.  I also use it to acess the latest info on my digital account.

Thing 10

I downloaded Instagram, but don't feel comfortable sharing my photos on a network, so I deleted the app.  Maybe in the future???

Thing 9

I just tried LINE Camera.  I mostly take photos with a regular camera, not my iPod Touch.  However, I must admit this app is extremely easy to load and use.  It was fun to doctor up a photo of a friend's dog and send it to her.  This is good to know about in case I want to make some crazy pictures.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thing 6

The apps that enable a person to bring their documents to a device are for tablets, not iPhones or iPads.  I can try this app in the future on our staff iPad.   I tried to use "Sign Now," on my iPod Touch, but something went wrong with the authorization.  I did watch some of the videos on how to use.  At this point, it doesn't seem applicable for anything I might do.

Thing 5

I tried the Dragon Dictation app.  I love it!!  It did a great job of putting down what I said, and so quickly!  I was also able to email the dictated note to myself.  I can definitely see personal applications for this, as I'm always writing diary entries and long emails.  It also might be fun to use when trying to compose a story--my thoughts sometimes are faster than my fingers.  At this point I doubt I would use it much professionally, but who knows...  I see in an online review that someone used it a lot when they hurt their arm and were unable to type.

Thing 4

Since my iPod Touch doesn't have iOs7, I just used Flipboard.  I had some success in finding some topics that they suggested and added them to "My Magazines," but wasn't able to add my specific favorite sites ( and a friend of mine's blog).  Not sure what I'm doing wrong--might come back to this someday.  At this point I'm not interested in using this app.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thing 3

Well, I downloaded the RedLaser Barcode and QR Scanner and was pleased to see I could make it work!  It might be a fun idea to incorporate the QR Codes into some sort of library scavenger hunt.